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AquaLung i Series Dive Computers

aqualung i series FB

In 2015 AquaLung brought Palegic Pressure Systems that for the 35 years had been designing OEM instrumentation components specialising in analogue and digital pressure sensors for use recreational scuba diving, technical scuba diving, medical applications, military applications and industrial applications just to name a few. In 2016 AquaLung announced their new lineup of i series […]

Big Blue Dive Lights

Big Blue Dive Lights

Big Blue Dive Lights came onto the market in 2007. Since then they have grown and become worldwide suppliers of quality lighting equipment aimed at recreational divers, technical divers and professionals. Their design philosophy moved away from halogen and traditional bulb designs that most equipment manufacturers were making at the time and focused on LED technology […]

BCD & Regulator Package Deals

BCD & Regulator Package Deals

We are in the process of adding a selection of  BCD & Regulator Package Deals onto the website. These packages will offer excellent discounts for regulators and BCDs.  For a limited period (while stocks last, or until the end of March 2016) they will include an automatic upgrade to the Oceanic Magnetic Swivel Octopus. More BCD & Regulator […]

Testing the Ursuit FIR Deep Heat System

Ursuit FIR Heated Vest

Testing the Ursuit FIR Deep Heat System I recently decided that enough was enough with cold water diving.  Just getting a bit too old to feeling the cold I guess.  But didn’t want to make that leap to warm water softy altogether.  So after speaking to my friend Alastair at Liquid Sports I decided to […]

New Fourth Element Xenos wetsuit

Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuits

We have been informed of the launch of the new Fourth Element Xenos Wetsuit .  The Xenos wetsuit line has been developed for the discerning diver who needs an easy-to-don wetsuit that performs well and looks great, with an addition of colour and the use of stretch neoprene. INNOVATIVE DESIGN Combining design features such as the […]

Oceanic OCi Blackout is here

Oceanic OCi Blackout Dive Computer Banner

The new Oceanic OCi Blackout is here.  The extremely popular OCi dive computer has a new addition to the range with this all black version.  With this computer you get all the great features and functions of the OCi, but it is in a really cool black version.  You know you want one.

New Dive Rite Sidemount Harness

Dive Rite Sidemount Systems

Dive Rite have always been at the cutting edge of technical diving products.  With years of experience in technical diving and in particular caving, it is really not that surprising.  The Dive Rite Nomad sidemount harness system was introduced a few years ago now as sidemount diving outside of cave diving grew in popularity.  With […]

Freediving section put onto the website

Freediving is without a doubt one of the fastest growing areas of the diving industry.  And they have some very cool stuff as well.  We have just launched the freediving section of the website and hope to add to the selection of products available as time goes by.  If this is an area that interests […]

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