New Hollis LX Regs

Hollis LX Regs

They are now finally here.

Introducing the Hollis LX Regs now available in the UK.

Their new second stage line-up consists of the 100LX, 150LX and the 200LX. These all feature a reversible hose feed from the normal right hand to a left hand feed. They all have built in venturi levers and in the case of the 200LX feature Industrial PVD Plating for corrosion resistance and protection along with an adjustable Inhalation knob.  These new second stages truly give the all other makes a run for their money such as the Apeks range of regulators.

The first stages utilise their tried and tested DC3 & DC7 first stages as from their existing line-up.  They also have their o2 clean HO2 1st Stage.

They have released the new DCX 1st stage to tie in with the new 200LX 2nd stage that is identical to the original DC1 1st stage. The big difference is that this is now features industrial PVD Plating for corrosion resistance and protection.

To top this off as with the original line of regulators they still feature a Lifetime warranty and free service kits provided they are now serviced every other year, an extension on the original annual service requirement. This in turn provides more savings to you.

Available sets are as follows:

Available Octos

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