New Hollis LX Series Regulators


Hollis have given their regulator lineup a complete face lift for the New Hollis LX Series Regulators which are due for release soon.

All their second stages with the exception of the 500SE have been replaced with the LX 2nd stage models. The major difference available on the 100 LX, 150 LX and 200 LX second stages is the new ability to reverse the hose feed from the right hand side to the left hand and back with minimal amount of tools, no additional calibration / adjustments  being needed. These new changes make these regulators truly on par and in some cases superior to the Apeks range that the vast amount of tech divers seem to love. Their warranty on the new line of regulators requires a bi-annual service and inspection, further lowering maintenance costs to the end user.

The 200 LX 2nd stage and the new DCX-1 first stage also boast a Industrial Grade PVD Coating system. This is also known as parkerizing which is traditionally used on military grade components exposed to some of the harshest environments.

This new line up is due in the UK soon which will prove to be some of the top of the line regulators available to the divers how put their kit to the test.


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