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What are Plankton Points?

Plankton Points are the points you collect every time you shop with us.  Every item over £10 has points attached to it and these can be redeemed in subsequent purchases to offset the cost of your item.  You can see how many Plankton Points your selected item is worth on the product pages.  It’s as simple as that.

When can I use them?

You have to have at least 1000 Plankton Points before you can redeem them and you can only redeem them once you have made an initial purchase on the site.  After that, whenever you buy anything you will be given the opportunity at checkout to use some of your points towards the purchase.  So basically, earn enough points and your order may even be free.

How else can you earn Plankton Points?

As soon as you register your account with us we automatically give you your first 200 points.  If you refer a friend we will give you another 100 Plankton Points once they have made a purchase by using the form below.  Every time you write a review you will also earn some Plankton Points.  And you never know, every now and again if there are a lot of Plankton in the Ocean, we may just give some away.  So there are plenty of opportunities to start building up your Plankton levels.

Refer a Friend and earn 100 Plankton Points

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